Stem cell therapy: the medicine of the future

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The goal of anti-ageing therapy is to temper and possibly halt or reverse the decline in quality of life that is a consequence of the ageing process.

The ageing process goes hand in hand with a diverse set of quality of life problems for all, that can range from impaired hearing or sight, aesthetic changes (wrinkles, greying or loss of hair, elevated fat percentages and loss of muscle mass) to serious problems such as memory loss or trouble concentrating, reduced libido or potency, serious mobility issues due to arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease and a heightened incidence of all types of cancers.

The most efficient anti-ageing therapy combines several medial anti-ageing treatments with a change in lifestyle (nutrition, mental health, physical movement).

Regenerative cell therapy...
Real innovation

The medical anti-ageing treatment in Marnes is built on the following three pillars:

  • The intravenous administering of the right vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and fatty acids after an extensive laboratory analysis
  • Detection of hormonal changes (through laboratory analysis) that go along with the ageing process and correcting these, if necessary, with natural, bio-bio-identical hormonal substitution.
  • A real innovation is the third pillar, the regenerative cell therapy (also known as stem cell therapy). Anti-ageing medicine has really mad a quantum leap in the last decade. At this moment We no longer talk about ‘slowing down’ the ageing process, as it is now possible to halt the ageing process and even reverse it by rejuvenating the bodily organs (the heart, lungs, skin). In this way, it is possible to overcome degenerative old age diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease. Regenerative cell therapy is without a doubt the medicine of the future.

The Marnes regeneratieve anti-ageing therapy

Medical history and laboratory diagnosis

The Marnes regenerative anti-ageing program starts during the intake procedure (which takes place in Belgium before admission) with an extensive use history, that aims to map out your lifestyle (food, exercise, mental balance), so that it might be optimised later on in the process.

During this intake procedure, an extensive laboratory diagnosis is also carried out. This can be comprised of:

  • An immune-screen to asses the state of your immune system
  • A stress profile test, to asses the level of oxidative stress (which plays an important role in the ageing process)
  • Mapping out the toxins that advance the ageing process and that might be present in your organism.
  • Assessing the ageing of the hormonal system.
  • Assesing the levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids
  • If necessary, we can map your complete genetic code.

After this intake procedure, your treatment plan at the Marnes resort can start.

The Marnes regenerative anti-ageing program can consist out of:

  • A tailor made detox program (can be administered through IVs)
  • An individualised anti-ageing nutritional plan
  • Intravenous admission of the right food supplements that can slow down the ageing process
  • An individualised anti-ageing training schedule
  • One-on-one coaching to teach and stimulate a change in lifestyle.
  • If necessary, the administration of bio-identical hormone substitution.
  • Regenerative cell therapy, if required.

The duration of the Marnes regenerative anti-ageing treatment plan can range from a minimum of two weeks to four weeks.

‘I have always been a proud man and I’ve taken good care of myself my whole life. I was upset when my muscles weakened and my libido was not what it used to be, that I had to put in a lot of effort to hide my belly. I became tired much faster and I had to catch my breath during my tennis games. My skin started to slacken and in the mirror I looked at the ageing process with sadness. I read about regenerative cel therapy on the internet and I talked about it with my doctor. He referred me to Marnes and I was immediately excited. I stayed there for two intense weeks and underwent an innovative rejuvenation treatment with stem cel therapy and bio-identical hormones. I don’t have anything else to say except that it does wonders to a person. I have regained my sex drive and my joie de vivre, I can see a younger man in the mirror, I feel better in my own skin and my physical fitness is improving markedly. ’

Kurt O, 62, art dealer

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